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10 Years Ago Today - The Everest Peace Project Was Born

By | October 2, 2012

Everest: A Climb for Peace - Narrated by Orlando Bloom

October 2nd, 2002 - Ten years ago today near a mountaintop in Ladakh, India I had a vision of creating a world peace climb on Mt. Everest.
2 Libraries for children in Nepal, a historic world peace climb on Mt. Everest, a documentary film narrated by Orlando Bloom and endorsed by the Dalai Lama, which has been shown all across the earth, and now a children’s book…I think it is has been a great 10 years.

In late 2001 I was in the process of selling off everything I possessed - literally everything save a couple of duffel bags of climbing and trekking gear. On May 2nd, 2002 I landed in Kathmandu, Nepal to start a new life of what I was hoping to be of meaning, purpose, and service. When I arrived I had a checklist of things that I wanted to experience, do, and see - and on that list was certainly not create a world peace climb of Mt. Everest! But as I am fond of telling people - 15,000 feet high in Ladakh, India I had a literal vision for almost an hour that I was going to do this thing crazy and create a world peace climb on Mt. Everest that promoted peace, friendship, and teamwork; I really felt like Frodo in Lord of the Rings in that I was given this task, this mission and I decided to make a promise to fullfil this vision and make it my life’s main purpose to have it become a reality. Below I have listed some special highlights of the last 10 years.

Thanks for all those many wonderful people who have helped and made all of this become a reality. Thanks everyone - I could not have done it without you!

Here are links to some of the things that I am most proud of:

Thanks again for making this an incredibly beautiful and spritually meaningful journey!

In peace,

Lance Trumbull

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